Force majeure cancellation

For cancellations due to the emergency such as natural disaster (hurricane,flood, earthquake, wildfire, storm, cancelled flights, travel restrictions refund will be made in accordance with the following points :

1. For non refundable bookings or bookings that are already in the penalty window only with the hotel written approval to waive charges. Please note, if the hotel agrees to waive charges then 3.9% cannot be refunded as we have some expenses with each booking that cannot be refunded, such as payment gateway processing fees.

2. For those guests who have a Covid positive lab test ( testing no later than 7 days before check-in to the hotel ), the money will be fully refunded.
2.a. For those who could not travel due to illness (other than Covid) and provided evidence (such as a doctor's note) will be fully refunded with the hotel approval.

3. If the booking was not registered in the hotel system upon arrival at the hotel, and the guest contacted us and informed us, and after that we could not solve the problem, then the money will be fully refunded.

4. If the hotel is closed and does not accept guests, then the money will be fully refunded.