Cancellation Policy

Refund is subject to all applicable refund policies, and may be different for each hotel. Make sure to read the terms and conditions before booking hotel thoroughly and to follow the refund procedure.

Cancellation policy can be viewed on booking preview before payment.

Refunds are only allowed for refundable hotel bookings. Please refer to your voucher / booking details for more information on the hotel's refund policy. Cancellations may be subject to some additional fees and penalties depending on Travellergram's cancellation policy. Refunds for hotel bookings may take up to 14 days after receiving a refund request and once approved by Travelergram in accordance with applicable terms.

Refunds can only be made once ( subject to Travellergram's cancellation policy ). The amount of fines and penalties is in accordance with Travellergram’s cancellation policy and cannot be changed or negotiated.

How to request a refund?

You can request a refund in four simple steps using your Booking ID

1 Find Your Booking ID on E-Voucher Or go to our home page and click check order
2 Send email to request refund with your booking ID and the reason
3 We will give notification for your refund status
4 The refund process for Hotel reservations may take up to 14 days after a complete refund request has been received