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3 successful steps to get $ 21,120,000 in 5 months

Set the goal of finding 20 friends in one month who would like to join the Travellergram refferal program.

Make sure that your 20 friends invited their 20 friends to join travellergram refferal program within one month.

To achieve maximum goal, you and your friends must clearly follow the system wich we mention on point 1 and 2

This only works if every referral agent have 20 network (downline) until 5 level only.If this system cycle stop before level 5 you will not reach level 5.
Then The illustration Of The Level You Have Reached In The Months Count Is As Follows

Level 1. One Month
Level 2. Two Months
Level 3. Three Months
Level 4. Four Months
Level 5. Five Months

If everybody's have 20 referral than the illustration is like this

Your Referral = 20 Friends

Your Friends. = 400 Poeple

Your Friends. = 8000 Poeple

Your Friends. = 160,000 Poeple

Your Friends. = 3,200,000 Poeple

There is two type commissions

1. Recruitment commissions based on your network you able to build level

Level 1 = $132 usd

Level 2 = $2,640 usd

Level 3 = $52,800 usd

Level 4 = $1,056,000 usd

Level 5 = $21,120,000 usd

2. Booking commissions based on your network booking volume. For one bookinghotel made by your network you will get $0.020and for one activity booking made by your network you will get $0.10

What are the benefits of becoming a refferal Travelergram agent?

1. Get a 5% Cash back for each hotel reservation you make

2. Get $6.6USD for each recruitment made by you or your network

3. Get a commission $ 0.20 for each hotel reservation made by your network.

Illustration of your income from hotel rooms. If 10% of your friends ( downline ) for 1 year make hotel reservation with travellergram only once, you will receive a commission of $ 0.20 X 320,000 = $ 64,000 per year.

illustration of your annual income from recruitment

Level 1 = $132 usd

Level 2 = $2,640 usd

Level 3 = $52,800 usd

Level 4 = $1,056,000 usd

Level 5 = $21,120,000 usd

To take part in a referral agent program on travellergram you only need to pay $66usd then you will get referral link and code to build your network.

Non Refundable you cannot cancel your referral agent program